There’s a boatload of auction items that are “gotta haves”. Here are just a few. (The auction will be at 7 pm, Sat. Sept. 4. Location TBD.)

Here’s a special edition fishing rod, hand made by Jack Johnson of Schleswig. 6 feet 10 inches of quality craftsmanship, with “Arcadia Sesquicentennial” engraving on a butternut handle and beautiful black metallic with white marbling on the rod itself. On display right now at Availa Bank in Arcadia.

Next up: It warms our hearts to think of all the work, and Crown Royal of course, that went into these quilts. All five will be up for auction during the Arcadia 150th Celebration. Scroll down to see all of them and click to zoom to see the details. Cheers!

Purple/vanilla Crown Royal Quilt, 86×115″, 250 purple bags, 5 vanilla bags
Green apple Crown Royal quilt, 73×88″, 190 green apple, 4 maple, 6 vanilla and 1 camo green apple bag
Black/peach Crown Royal Quilt, 62×76″, 48 black and 14 peach


All purple Crown Royal quilt, 86×88″, 221 purple Crown Royal bags